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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Review: A Victorian Rose (English Ivy Series Book 4)

A Victorian Rose (English Ivy Series Book 4)
by Catherine Palmer

This romantic story will sweep readers back in time to Victorian Yorkshire, England. Against her better judgment, young widow Clemma Laird finds herself connected to Dr. Paul Baine, a man shunned by the community. As she is drawn into Dr. Baine's lifework, she discovers the truth of his past and the pain that drives him to seek atonement. Palmer's fans will love this tender story

This short novel brings back a character from the first in the English Ivy series. Clemma was just a child in English Ivy, and sister to the main character, Ivy Bowden. She was endearing as a little girl, and she’ll recapture your heart in a special way as an adult.

A Victorian Rose takes place years later, obviously in the Victorian era, and we see Clemma as a widowed adult. Although this little book is bittersweet, it was still an enjoyable read. Life happens, and it’s not always pleasant. That is clear in this short book. But love, especially when it is ordained by God, can help to heal hurts of the past, be they emotional or physical. There is also a message in here, as all Catherine Palmer books seem to, about forgiveness. In this case, however, it is not only about God’s forgiveness and the joy and release that brings, but about forgiving others, and forgiving oneself.

A fast read-–even a slower reader would likely be able to finish it in one evening-–it is still gripping and serves as a sort of “epilogue” of the other three stories since it does revisit some of those characters. Sadly, this book is now out of print. But you might find it at your local library. I did.

Highly recommended for women and girls of all ages.

Review by Violet