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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Review: Title: Something Borrowed [The Legacy Of The Celtic Brooch 10]

Something Borrowed [The Legacy Of The Celtic Brooch 10]
By Kathleen O’Connor

Jody is smart, sexy and stylish but none of those attributes are worth spit when you don’t have a date for your cousin’s wedding and know your Ex will be there with his child bride. Jody decides to hire a neighbor to be both chauffeur and escort. But what starts out as a simple business arrangement gets horribly complicated when she discovers her driver is in possession of a Celtic brooch that’s an exact replica of her great grandmother’s missing brooch. She asks her neighbor lots of questions but his answers just add to the mystery.

I really enjoyed this continuing saga of the Celtic Brooch and will be sure to look for more of them in the future. Although they are independent stories, the brooch is a continuous thread that connects them all.

Jody is a completely real heroine. She’s alone after many years of being married, and it’s hard, but she’s taking charge of her life. She is resilient and practical, but isn’t afraid to take a risk.

I love reading a short story that has the emotion and depth of a full-length novel. This story is about starting over. It’s about doubts, taking chances and following your heart. A wonderful delight.

Review by Aster