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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Review: Sweet Cicely

Sweet Cicely
by Kelly McCrady

Just in time for Christmas, Cicely Navros has been laid off. She endures a colossally awful day involving a temp agency and the horrors of chintz, a day ending in a soggy walk to the mini-mart for eggs -- where she literally runs into Adonis! Whet your appetite for Greek cuisine and satisfy your craving to leave the Christmas lights up all year in this sweet tale of hope and desire.

In Sweet Cicely, Cicely is having a bad month. She's just lost her job, and the only prospect on the horizon is a temporary receptionist postition. To add insult to injury, she meets a hunky, foreign stranger just as she tumbles head first into the egg case of a supermarket. Still, he isn't put off by the egg yolk stuck to her coat. There's something a little different about this guy.

McCrady writes a really cute story with a funny protagonist. Cicely is a woman we can relate to. The only thing I found a bit odd was how quickly she accepted that Adonis was an actual god. It's a story with great potential. I just wish it hadn't ended so abruptly. More I say!

Review by Lavender