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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Review: Prince of Thieves

Prince of Thieves
by Tamelia Tumlin

She stole his ring…

In order to save her son's life Cheyenne Lawson must get arrested. Soon. When a customer leaves an expensive heirloom on her table she seizes the opportunity to steal it hoping to get caught. She does, only to find out it belongs to a very sexy Arabian prince with a trust issue. Now she must pay for her crime in a way she never expected.

Then she stole his heart…

Prince Kareem bin Ishmail doesn't want a wife, but with his small desert country on the verge of financial ruin, he needs one. At least a temporary one. When a lovely waitress steals his family ring, he seizes the opportunity to solve his dilemma by giving her a choice: life in prison in his desert country or a temporary marriage. With the sultry Arabian nights and her soft sensuous kisses, he suddenly finds himself wanting to make their mariage a permanent one. If he can learn to trust and love again. Will the charming, spirited thief steal his heart too?

This book begins with a fast-paced, stage-setting scene and continues at breakneck speed to its satisfying conclusion. Cheyenne is a waitress who thinks she has only one option open to her when it comes to saving her young son, Cody. She does what she thinks she must do in order to ensure a future for the two of them, stealing a ring from a customer in the Mexican restaurant where she works. As luck would have it, the subject of her thievery is a Prince, and after she is arrested the Prince drops all charges against her. Cheyenne believes she is free to go, but when she leaves the police station she is met by the Prince himself. Kareem is ready to mete out his own brand of justice. He proposes Cheyenne marry him, satisfying his needs while taking care of her current financial woes. It is an unusual proposition, but one that may work if Cheyenne can hold on to her heart.

I enjoyed this story, loved the selflessness of Cheyenne’s intentions and actions. Kareem is truly a hero and his father, the King, is a sympathetic character. There are a number of wonderful points about this book. The dialogue is well written and realistic, the characters evoke emotional commitment and the premise is a good one.

There are issues that I need to mention with regard to the editing in Prince of Thieves. I am like most readers in that an occasional punctuation or word usage error can be easily overlooked. When they invade nearly every page, however, these issues draw the reader away from the story. In the end, they become annoying. While this tale is interesting I wish there had been more attention paid to the mechanics.

Prince of Thieves by Tamilia Tumlin is an entertaining tale that is sure to please. With its themes of selflessness and familial obligation, it is heartwarming and touching. I enjoyed reading it and look forward to reading more from this author.

Review by Peony