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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Review: The Perfect Candidate

The Perfect Candidate
by Tricia Ballad

Caroline Lakehurst leaped at the chance to manage her own project team at ACG Marketing. Now she wonders if instead she jumped into an endless cycle of long hours and deadlines that threaten her growing relationship with Joshua Walters. She has one last interview on Friday afternoon before their date. Caroline hopes to heal the cracks she sees forming in their relationship, before it’s too late - but Joshua has other plans.

Reading Tricia Ballad’s sweet short story was such a wonderful way to start my day!

Caroline and Joshua make a wonderful couple, with real-world issues that make their love and commitment to each other all the more beautiful. Watching as Caroline juggled a high-powered job, and tried to squeeze in time for a personal life was very timely. The characters were well drawn and interesting, especially for such a short story.

Filled with charm and deeply felt sentiment, this delightful story ensures that I will certainly be looking out for this author's books in the future.

Review by Aster