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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Review: Lost in Paradise

Lost in Paradise
by Allie Boniface

When high-society, Harvard grad Ashton Kirk moves to the sleepy town of Paradise to escape a family scandal, Eddie West, the town’s most eligible bachelor, takes notice. In one steamy summer, two people from different worlds discover that, sometimes, you can find your soul mate in the place you least expect.

Lost in Paradise plunges into tension and anxiety straightaway. The scandals of Ashton's past cannot be completely forgotten, although it is her future -- her future in this quiet, up-country New Hampshire town, that fills this book.

Eddie -- stunningly strong and well-built Eddie is soon introduced -- as well. He is an incredible man who, in quite another way, has been marked by his own past.

Well written, with well-developed characters, Lost In Paradise is, at times, comfortably predictable, and at others, surprising. The two leads' occasional internal monologues are subtle, and offer insight into each. This work includes a background involving politics and a presidential run (perfect timing for this new release). But, don't worry -- the storyline is by no means political. In some ways, this story is a personal journey for each of the main characters. Along the way, they discover something of who the other person truly is. Lost In Paradise explores more than living life, but figuring out what one actually wants out of it.

From the college education to setting out to meet life in this picturesque New Hampshire town, events often seem an ordinary part of the contemporary life experience. The love interest however istruly extraordinary. Ms. Boniface has given us a delightful contemporary romance.

Review by Snapdragon