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Friday, December 28, 2007

Review: In The Blink of An Eye

In The Blink of an Eye
by Catherine Stang

Is prosecuting the biggest case of your career worth your family's safety? District Julia Davenport has asked herself that question everyday since a dangerous criminal she is gearing up to prosecute is unexpectedly let out on bail. He has threatened her in the past and would do anything to keep his case from going to trial. In order
to protect herself and her daughter, she must now rely on a man who has his own secret motives for protecting them. A man who in many ways may be far more dangerous to her than one she fears.

In the Blink of An Eye starts with every parents worst nightmare....your child being kidnapped. Ashley is returned safely to her mother and then the roller coaster ride begins. Catherine Stang does a wonderful job of weaving a plot filled with twist, curves and even a loop-d-loops. In the Blink of An Eye is a great combination of both suspense and romance in equal parts.

Julia Davenport is clever, strong, sexy, and a wonderful mother. She is a character that will pull the reader in quickly. Julia's charm stays steady through out the book. Flynn is the one that will keep the reader guessing. Is he a hot good guy or a hot bad guy? Is he willing to shed his snake skin for Julia? The sexual tension between the two is instantly established and keeps escalating through out the story. Flynn's dark side will intrigue the reader.

The secondary characters of Julia's daughter Ashley and Rogan are great. The relationship between the small girl and her 'super friend' Rogan is delightful. Their relationship adds an entire new layer to the story. Ashley is wonderfully written little girl, neither a whiner nor a brat. Rogan is the prefect balance for Flynn.

Ms. Stang offers a great cast of characters. A cast that is fully developed and well rounded.

In the Blink of An Eye is a great read for a long cold winter night. The romance is hot enough to take the chill off the coldest of nights and the suspense will definitely conquer the winter blahs.

Reviewed by Magnolia