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Monday, December 17, 2007

Review: Fortuitous

by Pamela Yakel

Keri Hart is a young rich widow with a lot of time and misery on her hands. Moving from the windy city and a family she loves dearly she buys herself with the ruins of an old castle in upstate New York. Myths, gods and the supernatural is something she never believed in, until they appear in her own back yard.

Adonis, ‘God of Desire’, or so he says, stepped through the gates of his world and landed in the middle of hers. He wants to show her desire, what he finds is something he never believed in, love. But, can he reach her? Can he break through that wall of despair and show her that true love can find its way back if you just open your heart and believe? The Fates say no, destiny says yes.

This paranormal romance, which starts in a contemporary setting, casts back to a time reminiscient of the Greek era, with the power of the gods and everyday event in the lives of the people. Althought the setting is not Greece, the mythologies are important here.

Readers here will be struck by beautiful, descriptive passages, and the lovely location, a rebuilt castle, nestled in the forest. At the start we gain a wonderful image of the very natural, mountainous setting, but throughout enjoy a sense of this quiet, natural world - from walking through the trees amid bird song, to watching the chipmunks scurry about.

The main character's sense of isolation, and her tragic past gain reader sympathy immediately. Her journey of self-discovery includes discovering much about a world that seems straightforward enough, but for tiny clues - like a stag that leaves no hoofprints in the snow. This romance is well-written and interesting, throughout. Yakel does a lovely job twining the world of today, and her main character, with a world grounded in myth.

Review by Snapdragon