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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Review: Christmas Angel

by Johanna Riley

Zacharius is an angel. Literally. His job is to protect and serve, not play Cupid. He bucks under his new assignment until he finds out that his charge is Katelyn Leary. Her brown eyes and winsome spirit urge him to ignore his reservations, and take her in his arms. But how can an immortal ever be with a human, and how can he find her a mate, when he wants to fill the position himself?

This is a wonderfully woven tale of loss and learning to believe and love. Kate is drowning in the grief of losing her father and visits his grave daily. She is so wrapped up in her grief that her father’s spirit is worried she may not ever find love on her own.

Enter Zach. Zach is a kind, committed, caring guardian angel. I liked the way his feelings for Kate developed. He was very real to me, from his dialogue and thoughts to how he was described physically. I could really picture him.

While I would have preferred to have more description of Kate and the pain she had been dealing with for so many weeks, I still felt she was a believable character. Her reactions were right on the money – especially in her dealings with Zach.
I was truly surprised by how much I enjoyed this story. The flow of the story was great, the characters were relatable, and the love that grew between them was what a happily ever after is all about.

Reviewed by Aster