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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Review: Catastrophe

By Sharon Buchbinder

When Polly Griggs receives an eviction notice, she's devastated and desperate. Where can she go with twenty-three rescued cats? Old, maimed, and crippled, they were abandoned and she was the only person willing to take them in. Her drunken landlord can't wait to get rid of her and harasses Polly at every opportunity. Little does she know that her academic advice to her handsome neighbor and secret crush, Simon, on how to succeed in his speech class will lead to her own rescue—and love.

Catastrophe is short on length and long in heart. As a cat lover, this story appealed to me on many levels. I enjoyed Polly’s whimsical touch in naming her many cats. I giggled over quite a few.

I smiled reading about all the cat antics, their propensity to call all places of height, theirs; the places they’ll squeeze into and their expressions of affection for their human. The depth of detail which Sharon shares about Polly’s cats is important to the development of the story and how it affected my emotions. When the landlord starts pulling his Psycho stunts, it inflamed my sense of injustice because somewhere, out there in real life, is a jerk just like this guy.

Simon, her love interest, is adorable. A hunk with a vulnerability that I found endearing, Simon came through in a gentle yet profound way. The trend in romance heroes is for them to be hard, strong and practically invincible. Simon’s strength came from his willingness to stand up for what he believed in, despite his handicap, despite his insecurity and despite the odd’s that you suspect might be against him. He prevailed on a personal and an emotional level. How wonderful that the love of and loving for a good woman really can make a positive difference in someone’s life.

It was also nice to note that resolving issues, even life threatening issues, doesn’t always have to involve guns, explosives, spy gadgets and supernatural woo-woo. Sometimes, the police are enough, conviction is enough and the good that is inside each and every one of us transcends all obstacles.

I enjoyed Catastrophe in all its shortness. If you are looking for a cute, feel-good and uplifting romance with a HEA for everyone, even the cats, than this book’s for you.


Reviewed by Xeranthemum