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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Review: Calico Country Christmas

Calico Country Christmas
by Sharon K. Garner

How does a Christmas breakup look from a cat's viewpoint? Noel, a calico cat who was almost born on Christmas, runs a gift and craft shop, Calico Country, with her human friend Lynn. It's almost Christmas, and Noel observes as Lynn breaks up with her boyfriend Jim. Lynn takes Noel to a mountain cabin to celebrate the holiday, and Jim follows in a snowstorm. Snowbound on your birthday with two humans who have a relationship to sort out is no easy task, but it is one that Noel handles with delightful insights and humor.

Ms. Garner gives us a charming holiday story in Calico Country Christmas, narrated by Noel, the resident cat and seer of all that happens to her human, Lynn. Told from the animal’s point of view, this is a lovely, humorous story of two people who want to be together but just can’t seem to speak their true feelings.

Lynn and Jim are both likable characters, with real flaws, and a real conflict that threatens to break them apart. Noel, of course, with her feline instincts, knows exactly what the couple has to do to smooth things out, but the humans in this story have to figure things out on their own. Only when Lynn leaves to spend Christmas in her grandparents’ remote country cabin, and Jim braves a blizzard to follow her, do the two realize how much they mean to each other.

I really enjoyed this light-hearted tale, especially told from Noel’s first-person point of view. It’s a great, quick read: perfect for this time of year!

Review by Dandelion