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Monday, December 17, 2007

Review: Atlantis Awakening

Atlantis Awakening
By Alyssa Day

To rescue the world from an overwhelming evil, Poseidon's warriors have risen from Atlantis. Chief among them is Ven, serving as the King's Vengeance by birthright and by battle challenge. None can conquer him--except perhaps for one human female....
The Warrior... Ven's mind is filled with duty. He must serve as Atlantean liaison to the humans in a war waged against the vampires. A sword is his weapon--not diplomacy. But on a mission to recover the Nereid's heart--a ruby of immense power--it will take every ounce of strength he possesses to resist the sexual allure of the beautiful witch chosen to work with him.

And the Witch... Erin's heart is filled with vengeance. She lives only for the chance at revenge against those who murdered her family. Now she must partner with a legendary Atlantean warrior whose dark desire threatens to crash through the barriers built around her emotions--and her heart. Caught in the trap of shifting alliances, how long can Ven and Erin resist their awakening passion?

Dark forces beware: Atlantis is awakening.

I have a confession to make...I am officially addicted to the Warriors of Poseidon series! While I thoroughly enjoyed Atlantis Rising, Atlantis Awakening is even more outstanding. Ven is the secondary character I enjoyed the most (however Alaric is a very close second) in Atlantis Rising and was excited to find Atlantis Awakening was his story. The reader will immediately be drawn in by the layered plot filled with wonderful dimensional characters. Ven's humor, Erin's strong determination, and Alaric's dry wit will offer the reader plenty of opportunities to smile and laugh.

Erin Connors is seeking an alliance between the Seattle Circle of Lights (a coven of witches) and the Atlanteans. She has spent years ten years planning her revenge against Caligula. But after kissing Ven she isn't sure where the greatest threat comes from....Ven or Caligula. Caligula will surely torture her but the passion Ven unlocks causes Erin more distress.

Erin is headstrong and the perfect match for Ven. Alyssa Day creates strong female characters who truly embody the essence of the ideal heroine. Erin is determined to see her quest through and only such a resolute character could handle the King's Vengeance!

A strong heroine needs a strong hero. Ven is definitely a match for Erin. The trick with a strong hero and heroine is to find a compromise where their banter will amuse the reader, not annoy. Ms. Day achieves this sometimes allusive compromise with Ven and Erin. Both characters are fully developed with their own motives and goals. Their relationship is open and refreshing, no false promises. Ven tells Erin what he can offer and leaves her to choice. Erin see Ven is telling her the truth....not a man to be changed.

The underlying stories with the other characters (many introduced in Atlantis Rising) add a layer of depth that only strengthens the overall series. A prefect example is the brief scene with Alaric and Quinn or the twist Conlan and Riley's story throws in.

While, Atlantis Awakening can be read as a stand alone, I would highly suggest reading Atlantis Rising first so the character development of each of the Warriors of Poseidon can truly be appreciated.

The conflicts are growing, as are the alliances, and I can't wait to see where Alyssa Day takes us next! Highly recommended! Alyssa Day really shines in ATLANTIS AWAKENING as this tale is perhaps one of the top paranormal books published this year.

Review by Magnolia


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