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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Review: Thanks, But No Thanks

Thanks, But No Thanks
by Susan Lyons

When Kari’s friend Nicola offers to fix her up, Kari says, “Thanks, but no thanks.” She’s so shy, she can never think of anything to say on a date. That’s why it’s such a treat when, as a guest at Nicola’s family Thanksgiving, she finds herself chatting so easily with the man she believes to be her friend’s brother. Pity he’s married – it only goes to prove her theory that all the good guys are taken. Or are they?

Kari, a shy accountant, hates being single, but she hates blind dates even more. If only all guys were easy to talk to, like her friend Rhonda’s married brother, whom Kari has just met at Thanksgiving diner. Have all the good ones really been taken already?

Short and sweet, Thanks, but No Thanks was a fun, quick read with a satisfying ending. The characters were fun, easy to like, and captivating even though I was only with them for a short space of time. If you want something short and cute, this is for you. Recommended for women of any age.

Review by Violet