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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Review: Rose Garden

Rose Garden
by Ilena F. Holder

With little money and a broken engagement behind her, Autumn Chapman leaves Detroit and sets out for a temporary job in California. She doesn’t have much left in life except ambition and her grey gelding, Apparition.

Mrs. Barnhill, owner of Copper Canyon Stables, loves Autumn as much as a daughter and wants to help her out. In exchange for her room and board, Autumn will teach lessons and learn to manage a large stable. She has a surprise one day when a handsome novice student signs up for lessons.

Autumn’s and Logan’s paths cross as each of them work to earn a living while they strive to build careers in jobs they love. The sexual chemistry bubbles and steams when they’re together. The reversal of roles in their intimate encounters gives the story an interesting twist.

Along the way, the reader gets a glimpse into equestrian riding school activities and a look at the working side of making TV shows and movies. Also, Ms. Holder gives the reader insight into the workings of a young woman’s mind as she sets out to capture the interest of a man who intrigues her.

Back-story and description slow the action down at times but not enough to keep the reader from turning the pages to see how these lovers cope with the multitude of problems that get in the way of their finding happiness.

ROSE GARDEN is a story to curl up with and enjoy at the end of a long day.

Review by Camellia