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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Review: Regency Society Revisited

Regency Society Revisited
by Susanne Marie Knight

A professional woman journeys back in time and finds herself torn between duty and love.

A toplofty lord encounters a mysterious “widow” who doesn’t live by Society’s rules.

The future and the past collide! How could anthropologist Serenity Steele have foreseen she’d meet her heart’s desire back in Regency England in the form of one short-tempered aristocrat, Nicholas Wycliffee, Lord Brockton? In 2020, Serenity’s research assignment is back in the year 1812. Her duty is to collect data and return to the future. However, the call of love is far stronger than she ever imagined. Should she ignore her obligations... or should she leave behind the man she loves?

Resentful at having had to cash out of the Navy at his father’s request, Nicholas Wycliffe certainly does not intend to further please his father by taking a bride. But that is before he meets the enigmatic “Mrs.” Steele. The devil of it is, she refuses to discuss her dead husband, and when Nicholas proposes, she turns him down!

Dr. Serenity Steele, an anthropologist from 2020, is thrilled when her boss offers her a time travel assignment. That is, until she discovers it's to Regency England, a time period filled with chauvinistic rakes, melodramatic females, and class distinctions abhorrent to her twenty-first century sensibilities. To say she is not very happy is an understatement, but being the professional she is, she agrees to go. But what–or who–awaits her there in 1812 comes as a complete surprise. Maybe the good doctor isn’t as “steely” as she thinks she is.

When I saw this story up for review, I pounced on it. I recently read another Regency romance by this author, and I enjoyed it so much I was eager to read another. I like time travel, too, so this was doubly interesting to me. The story opened in Serenity's own time period, and I admit, moved rather slowly for about the first three chapters. But as soon as Serenity finally went back in time, it picked up and kept me up at night reading far longer than I should have been. Although there was one sex scene, which might, for this review site, have labeled the story as "hot," it was not overly graphic, and not the focus of the story. This was definitely an enjoyable read, and I look forward to more from Susanne Marie Knight.

Review by Violet