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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Review: Oz

by Ann Warner

Geoff Flemington is one of the most appealing men Glenda Lewellen has ever met. The only problem? She lives in Chicago, and in two days he returns home to Australia. Can two people who live half a world apart take a chance on falling in love?

A confession? I haven't read much lately that puts a smile on my face. This story did just that. In fact, I'm still smiling.

Ms. Warner has quite a way with words. I can't put my finger on exactly what enchanted me so much about this story, but enchanted I was. I wish, oh how I wish, she'd made this a bit longer. I adored both characters: flawed and funny. I loved the contrast between an American and an Aussie. The author used clever wit and sharp description.

This encounter between people at a wedding was warm and funny. Her hero was handsome, adorable and flawed. The heroine was lovely, uncomfortable and annoyed with her date. To see both the hero and heroine open to the possibility of romance with their eyes wide open to the possible roadblocks was lovely.

Well written, well edited... if you're looking for a wonderful (albeit short) read, I highly recommend "Oz".

Review by Poppy