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Monday, November 5, 2007

Review: Lab Partners

Lab Partners
by Larry Hammersley

Leroy Doyle, a college chemistry major and track star is on the verge of scholastic probation after flunking calculus. As he enters his sophomore year he can’t afford the distractions of having a girl friend, but that changes once he meets Jody Stinson. A chemical engineering major and the smartest student in the sophomore class, she is beautiful, arrogant, and not very happy about being forced into being his lab partner. But Leroy senses there is more to Jody than she portrays to the outside world. Her treatment of him only serves to fuel his interest and despite her barbed remarks, he strives to win her heart.

With his life plans firmly on track, Leroy Doyle becomes distracted by beautiful and smart Jody Stinson, though she has walls Leroy will have to tear down if he wants a relationship with the girl everyone calls frigid. What is she hiding? Why does she seem so alone? What has made her this way? All these questions and more revolve around Leroy’s head until he can no longer resist her allure. Chemistry major and the college’s “miler” in track are enough to keep any college guy busy, but how can he resist the woman whose soul calls to him?

A short and sweet love story set in the mid-nineteen fifties, Lab Partners is a nice way to pass a few minutes with. The storyline is fresh, the characters are likable, and the situations are well portrayed. Sadly, there just wasn’t enough story for this reader; I would like to have seen more character development, though the author, Larry Hammersley, did capture my attention in a very heartfelt way. The emotional moments are vividly portrayed, and the chemistry between Jody and Leroy is easily recognized. Lab Partners is a beautiful love story that was just a little too short, but very poignant just the same.

Review by Wisteria