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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Review: Hope, Love and Treats

Hope, Love and Treats
by Emma Sanders

For the past ten years, Halloween has been a horrifying experience for Mandy Long and a holiday she doesn't celebrate. Now that she's a single mom, occasions like Halloween are up to her. She faces her fears and takes her son trick-or-treating for the first time. When she meets up with a friend who is also a single parent, they take their children around the neighborhood together, and she admits her feelings for him go deeper than friendship.

This was a sweet story of a woman overcoming her fears with the help of a wonderful man. Mandy loves her young son enough to face something that terrifies her, and is rewarded by bumping into a friend from work.

Dalton obviously has feelings for Mandy, and helps her through the fear. The kids are cute and well-written, convincing in their behavior (especially when Mandy's son pouts when he doesn't get his way).

A well-written and interesting story, the author crams a lot into a little bit of space. Only two things kept this from being rated a five: the fact it would have been more meaningful if it had been stretched out a bit more -- a few things were very abrupt, and the fact Mandy continually thought about how wonderful, kind, handsome, loving and amazing Dalton was. After the first few times, this reader understood!

If you're looking for a non-calorie treat for Halloween, I can recommend Hope, Love and Treats!

Review by Poppy