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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Daddy Spell by Patti Ann Colt

The Daddy Spell (Echo Falls Book 1) by Patti Ann Colt
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday
Length: Full
Heat level: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Review by Poppy

Five-year-old sisters Boo and Lindy want a daddy – and anything goes in their quest, including a secret spell known only to the twins. On a lonely country road, Chad Applegate appears out of nowhere to help the girls and their mother rescue an injured dog. Robin Harmon's stubborn independence and breathtaking curves mesmerize the handsome pumpkin farmer, and her daughters charm him. They, in turn, are fascinated by his tales of pumpkin magic.

Despite Chad's captivating blue eyes and tender kisses, Robin cannot believe his happily-ever-after promises. Experience has proven those kinds of dreams never come true. Will Robin deny the possibility of forever or will her daughters' daddy spell work its magic?

The Daddy Spell introduces the reader to the quaint, tightly-knit town of Echo Falls. Chad, our hero, is part of a large family with strong ties to the community: the mayor, police, etc.

The heroine, Robin, is the single mother of preschool-aged twins and has no ties at all. She was abandoned by both parents, raised in foster homes, left by the father of her girls and, at the time we meet her, without employment.

When Robin hits a pregnant dog on a rain-soaked country road, Chad comes to her aid. He takes the dog back to his farm and agrees to house her in his barn. The only problem? The dog snaps and growls whenever he comes near, so he tells Robin she has to stay while the dog has her puppies.

When one of the twins breaks a valuable item in Chad's house, and it comes to light that Robin has neither the money to pay for it, nor the job to earn the money, Chad offers her a job: The man who owned the farm before him had died, so when Chad bought the farm, he ended up with a house full of stuff. He asks Robin to sort and catalog it for him and to sell the valuables and get rid of the rest.

She reluctantly agrees, but her past has taught her that people are seldom kind without strings attached and she waits for Chad to show her he's the same as everyone else she's known.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. The twins, Lindy and Boo, are sweet, funny and just precocious enough to be believable. Robin's wary view on life is directly attributable to the fact that everyone has used and abandoned her. She doesn't believe in happy-ever-after.

Chad is such a solid, good man with deep family ties and quirky, but fun relatives. He is attracted to Robin, but falls in love with her girls first, and knows he has to prove to Robin that he isn't going to leave her. He is the stuff of "happy-ever-after" and I wanted to tell Robin to believe.

And, I have to admit: I got the sniffles, just a bit, at the end. If you're looking for a good autumn romance, I highly recommend giving The Daddy Spell a try.