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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Review: 1080 Kiss

1080 KISS
by Angela Steed

The "God of Snow" has met his match.

He never followed the rules. Vince Evans, professional snowboarder, is a black-haired, green-eyed charmer no woman can tame and no man can match on the slopes. Followed by a flurry of bad publicity and a trail of ex-managers, his Olympic dreams teeter on the brink unless he can orchestrate a career turnaround. And fast.

Her rules were unbendable. After a year-long hiatus, public relations extraordinaire Morgan Price is ready to resume her high-profile job resurrecting musicians fallen from grace. A bad-boy athlete is not the type of client she expects—or wants. But then she sees a side of the “God of Snow” no one has seen before, a side she just might break all the rules of business for.

Angela Steed’s 1080 KISS brings to light a modern business that makes those involved susceptible to emotional upheaval. Morgan and Vince meet and strive to find a way to work together in this business that thrives on hype.

With the need for sponsors, which translates into money, Vince finds himself in a position to lose his chance to achieve his life-long dream. When Morgan, a pro in recruiting sponsors, arrives on the scene, he know he needs her help but hates the constraints he’ll have to accept. More than that, he is attracted to her and thinks he’ll end up getting hurt again.

Morgan, still raw from a bad relationship, is determined to keep their business on a professional level, but soon finds her heart does not seem to understand the ‘Rules of Business’ that she demands of herself.

This romance has both light-hearted and heartbreaking scenes that make the characters seem real. Their dialogue carries much of the story.

1080 KISS is a sensual story that gives the reader a tingly feeling of satisfaction. It is a good book to curl up with and forget the mundane for a little while.

Review by Camellia