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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Review: Yesterday's Wish

Yesterday's Wish
by Sara Fitzgerald

Samantha Wells’ heart was broken by the notorious cowboy James Norcross three years ago when he left her in a cloud of dust. She swore never to forgive him, but she cannot forget him. Her dad’s crazy Will brings James tumbling back into her life. Wishing Wells, the famous Bed and Breakfast Inn will be Samantha’s only if she marries James. Her father has got to be kidding!

Things keep getting crazier, as James refuses to leave until they are wed, and it seems someone is out to hurt Samantha. In the midst of all the chaos, can Samantha’s wish of yesterday come true? Will she get her happily ever after? And is James the man for her after all?

Fitzgerald's latest romance novella, "Yesterday's Wish," immediately creates a delightful setting; a Bed and Breakfast in Montana. Fitgerald has a gift for descriptive prose, with a 'feel-like-you-are there' quality. The bed and breakfast, the rose garden, the horses grazing in a distant field all create a lovely backdrop. The somewhat idyllic setting sets the stage for what one might expect to be a mild, sweet romance. Conflict arises at once between our main character and her father, however. Further conflict is not long in following, revealing other issues, including both the demands of running a business and the past difficulties in our main character, Samantha's personal life.

We quickly disregard small issues as the lively plot sweeps the characters along an unpredicatable course. The action is both interesting and unexpected. Changes in point of view are handled carefully, although some readers particularly do not care for a multi-person perspective of events. Overall, this is an engaging narrative, and features an active, twisting plot.

Review by Snapdragon