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Friday, October 19, 2007

Review: Wired For Love

Wired For Love
by Amber Polo

Penny Sizemore is trapped in a cyber prison of her own design until an enraged guru breaks the code and turns her carefully constructed platform upside down. Two sexy geeks match wits in a hi-tech Cincinnati apartment. Sensual, a little edgy, and very funny.

Wired for Love is a cute little story. There are only two characters in the story and they are both adorable in their geekiness. I felt sorry for Penny who, although she's a genius and a billionaire, never leaves her apartment. She's a workaholic who survives on takeout food.

This story has loads of potential. It's full of humour and could go anywhere. Although I enjoyed what was there, this would have been loads more fun if the author had made it at least a little bit longer. I was just getting to know Gordon and Penelope and... it was over!

Note to Ms. Polo: More please.

Review by Lavender