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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Review: Tell Me Lies

Tell Me Lies
by Jennifer Crusie

If you think small-town life can be boring--think again. There are complex social rules: there are certain people with whom you fraternize and those you don't, and, of course, there is the all-powerful gossip. Everyone knows everything about everyone else. Don't they? That's what Maddie Farraday thinks until she finds a pair of black crotchless panties in her husband's car that don't belong to her. That's it; Maddie's had it. She's ready for change, and the first thing she's going to do is divorce her no-good, philandering husband Brent. But then everything goes haywire: Brent turns up dead, Maddie's daughter wants a dog, her best friend is suddenly acting very strange, and Maddie's secret boyhood crush, bad boy C. L. Sturgis, arrives in town after a 20-year hiatus--and he's as sexy as ever.

I loved this novel! Once again, Jenny Crusie does a terrific job creating a small town torn apart by scandal. In Frog Point, where Maddie’s lived forever, everyone’s business is public knowledge, her neighbors are both best friends and liars, and good girls need bad boys to tame them. It’s a charming locale with interesting characters, from Maddie’s mother to C.L.’s aunt and uncle to Brent’s secretary to the local security guard walking the beat.

Maddie is a great heroine: confused, strong, desirous, and torn between wanting the boy she lusted after in high school and behaving herself while she investigates her husband’s death. Her best friend, Treva, is a wonderful sidekick: she defends Maddie at every turn, but she has secrets of her own, and when those emerge, look out!

C. L. Sturgis is every romance reader’s dream hero: strong, sexy, and mysterious. He wastes no time getting Maddie into the back seat of his car, but even though the sex is hot, his desire to protect Maddie and her daughter is ten times hotter.

The mystery is believable and twisted enough to keep you turning pages; the sex is steamy, and the characters are lovable. Pick up Tell Me Lies as soon as you can; you won’t be disappointed!

Review by Dandelion