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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Review: Retreat to Danger

Retreat To Danger
by Carol McPhee

Reclusive lobster fisherman Greg Sanders treasures his privacy, but the half naked woman on the beach magnetizes his interest. Had he known the danger of knowing her he would have stayed at sea.

This full length romance/suspense novel is immediately engaging. A looming threat is apparent from the very first sentence. Any suspense novel counts heavily on its plot to keep the reader engaged, but in truth, this book offers a wonderful read on many counts. Characters, plot, setting, all contribute to this work. It has the wonderful love-to-admire hero (although he is not obvious at first,) and strong, well-developed characters to engage the reader. McPhee's characters carry this story forward, even while we anxiously look for developments.

The beach setting is a pleasant panorama for the tale. Maine's coast is described deliciously, even though the creeping cold of the threat from her past--the animosity from her ex-husband--is ever present. When personal safety becomes a prime concern of a child, it cannot fail to reach people. The gnawing fear of our main character, Maureen, is bad enough, but the more peircing fear of the child fills the reader with dread.

More than the history of the people give this tale depth. The place itself has a 'history' and is home to more than one unresolved occurance. Maureen's first confrontation, surprisingly enough, is not with the man she fears, but with a neighbor in her new place of safety. In fact, the new neighbor is such a nasty person, (rude, intrusive, judgmental) we start to wonder just why Maureen and her son believe themselves safe where they are.

Unexpected twists and clever dialogue will keep readers turning these pages. Many small details lighten the mood at times. Its very fun to discover that the main character is a romance novelist, for example. The details of her 'story within a story' add a measure of insight to this work. Another point is the funny, unpredicatable personality of the dog. Local folks all have that air of 'true native character' about them.

This very suspenseful romance is a fun read with many wonderful high points.

Review by Snapdragon