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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Review: No Regrets

No Regrets
by Michele Ann Young

Caroline Torrington is large, and she wears glasses. Beside the beauties of her day, she feels dowdy and unattractive. Since the death of her father the Vicar, she and her sisters have fallen on hard times.

Meanwhile, Lucas, Lord Foxhaven, a noted rake for his wild and reckless behavior, is once again in dispute with his father, who won’t give him his grandmama’s fortune unless he marries Caroline Torrington. Lucas and Caroline arrange a marriage of convenience and go off to London for the season.

Little does Caroline know that her voluptuous body is driving Lucas to distraction. Each time he pulls back, Caroline thinks that he is disgusted by her body.

In the midst of this deepening mutual attraction and misunderstanding, Caroline gets embroiled in a scandal and is kidnapped. Lucas comes to her rescue and in a dangerous escape they discover they are each other’s true love.

Michele Ann Young takes one of the most common elements in Regency romances, that of the marriage of convenience and, by virtue of well-drawn and multi-dimensional characters, makes No Regrets stand above the ordinary. Caroline is voluptuous in a time when "thin is in" (a perspective this reviewer can identify with). Lucas, her childhood friend, has depths to his personality Caro does not realize. Yet, she loves him anyway...and has since childhood.

Can Caroline and Lucas overcome the misunderstandings and misconceptions that surround their marriage from the very beginning? Ms. Young takes us on a journey to discover how and if that takes us from the countryside of England to the glittering salons of Paris. If you are a fan of Regency romances at all, you'll enjoy this engrossing tale of love fulfilled.

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Reviewd by Rose