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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Review: Never the Same

Never the Same
by Diane Craver

They walk away from the wreckage of an airplane, but their hearts and lives will never be the same.

When fashion buyer, Kimberly Collins and high school senior, Tori Moorhead escape a burning plane, both women make radical decisions that intertwine their lives forever.

Kim’s priorities change, especially in the bedroom. She’s thankful to be taken to another world—one of love and romance, not of smoke and death. When she decides she wants another child, her husband reveals his own shocking plans for their family.

Pregnant teenager Tori is on her way to get a secret abortion when the plane crashes. The baby’s teen father wants to get married. Her dad pushes for adoption. Caught between the two men she loves, Tori struggles to make the right decisions for her baby and the future she dreamed of.

Available in eBook and print formats.

Never the Same by Diane Craver is a tale about families, modern life and the dangers that can enter, and then alter, lives. Kim and Steve are blessed with great careers and a solid family situation. They seem to be the perfect couple, but their marriage isn’t all is should be—or all that either of them would like it to be. Tori and Ryan are young and unmarried. They should be contemplating college, parties and all the opportunities open to couples their age. Instead, a night of exuberant, carefree celebration has left them with a very serious situation to deal with. Both couples come from different points in life, but a fateful airplane trip brings them close in ways no one could have anticipated.

I enjoyed this book mainly because the characters, and their situations, are so realistically portrayed that I felt I could see and hear everything that took place. The plane crash is heart-stopping without being graphic, something I greatly appreciated. I was adequately frightened without being disgusted. The plot unravels at a steady, even pace and it is satisfying in every sense of the word. Although the ending is predictable, this story is an entertaining, well-written tale and I can easily recommend it. Never the Same by Diane Craver is a thoughtful story that reminds us of the fragility of life.

Review by Peony