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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Review: A Necklace Of Rubies

A Necklace of Rubies
Cindy Lynn Speer

He can give her everything she ever wished for and asks for nothing in return. Nothing but a promise never to open the strange door outlined in red at the end of the hall...

A fascinating retelling of the myth of Bluebeard, Speers’ story takes you to the dark heart of instinct, loyalty, and love, where sharp teeth snap in the night and sacrifice is stained with blood.

Tessa is a young lady whose guardian has been imprisoned. As a result, she goes to live with her sister and brother-in-law. In their community there is a handsome man named Don Joaquin who is being avoided by all of the females because there are rumors about what happened to his first wife.

Feeling she is a burden to her sister and that she will never find the right man, Tessa decides to marry Don Joaquin against the warnings of the rest of the community. After their marriage, Tessa is given free run of their estate and its contents. (She is especially enamored with jewels.) However, there is one door she must never unlock or their marriage will be ruined.

There are some strange occurrences in her new home and Tessa is determined to find out about Don’s first wife. One day while riding, she makes a disturbing discovery and fears the rumors she has heard are true.

The ending of this story was quite surprising. The build up to discovering what lay beyond the forbidden door was well dramatized. I also enjoyed Steer’s writing style. She uses words that are not commonly used but are perfectly descriptive of the given situation, thus allowing the reader to vividly understand her thoughts. The length of this story is a bit short but it does not leave out any important information.

However, the cover of this book did not make much sense to me until I finished the story. I think a different cover would be more appealing to consumers.

Review by Sweet Pea