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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Review: Love's Proof

Love’s Proof
by Catherine Palmer

In Victorian England, Jane Fellowes searches for the truth behind Newton's Box--which may in fact contain proof of the existence of God. Tension mounts as those who touch the box suffer strange, unexplained bouts of illness. As Jane and scientist Thomas Norcross pursue the mysterious box and seek to unmask its secrets, they discover that the strongest evidence is found in the heart, where faith and love reside.

Other than a couple Georgette Heyer books I read as a teen, I had not read Regency romance before. Frankly, as I teen, I didn’t even know what Regency was. But I must say, I learned a lot about that time period while reading Love’s Proof. So, this book was my first real introduction to the Regency romance genre. It sold me on the era so completely, and set me on a whirlwind of reading that drove my husband crazy. I managed to get my hands on all of Catherine Palmer’s Regency books, and felt a deep sense of disappointment when there were no more.

Love’s Proof is a sweet story of the love that develops between Jane Fellowes and Thomas Norcross, two very logical minded people searching for evidence Isaac Newton supposedly found for the existence of God. Along the way they discover a number of things about those they love, about each other, and about God. I highly recommend Love’s Proof for women of any age. I passed it on to my fourteen year old daughter, and she loved it, too.

Review by Violet