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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Review: It Takes Moxie

It Takes Moxie
by Delia Deleest

It was supposed to be simple. Moxie Hamilton was going to kidnap an unsuspecting driver just long enough to get to an out-of-town train station and buy a ticket to Chicago. She didn’t factor in the stolen diamonds, being chased by a gun-wielding thug, or falling in love with her kidnap victim. The last one was probably one of her worst ideas, especially since she had a fiancĂ© waiting for her in Chicago. Getting kidnapped wasn’t high on Ben Kincaid’s list of things to do, but that didn’t stop Moxie from pulling a gun on him and ordering him to take her out of town. From the steamy heat of St. Augustine, Florida to the crime-ridden streets of prohibition Chicago and everywhere in between, Ben and Moxie leave a trail of chaos in a cross-country caper that will change their lives forever.

This book is utterly captivating. Ms. Deleest has crafted a novel full of fun, dry wit, humor, adventure and romance. There is nothing boring or slow about this book. It is fast-paced and filled with hilarious situations and delightful dialogue that had me laughing out loud and my husband asking what was so funny.

And, Moxie. Now there’s a character I would love to meet in real life. Her zest and spunky personality draw you in for the adventure. I could certainly see why Ben, the wonderful hunk-o-man hero, allowed himself to be pulled along for the ride. Not that these characters were too perfect. They had their flaws which made them stronger, more believable and real. The characterization was beautifully woven and I found that the characters stayed true to themselves, making decisions that were consistent with their personalities, strengths, weaknesses and fears.

I also appreciated that this story didn’t get bogged down with scenic descriptions and long internal debates. The pages were filled with interaction between Moxie and Ben as well as with the people that crossed their paths. And what people they were, too. It was a wonderful cast of quirky and delightful secondary characters, each enhancing the story and helping to reflect qualities and character traits of Moxie and Ben.

I want to point out something about this book that I found exceptionally wonderful. The dialogue between Moxie and Ben was believable, relaxed and open. It left you with no doubt that these characters “clicked” on a different level. There is a comfort level to their conversation and interaction which makes the reader feel as though they are watching two soul mates discover one another. There’s no greater feeling than that.

I suppose after all my raving, it is no surprise I am giving this a LASR Best Book rating. How could I not? I’m already itching to pick it back up and dive into the adventure again!

Reviewed by Lily