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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Review: Halloween Angel

Halloween Angel
by Tricia Ann Woods

Misty has disliked Halloween since she was a child. Now she has to attend a Halloween party at her boss’s request. She can’t get out of it and she wishes she doesn’t have to go. Misty is a plain Jane and would rather stay home in her pajamas’. Tammy is Misty’s best friend and they have shared an apartment since college. Tammy also works at the same company as Misty and Tammy is excited about the Company Halloween Party. Tammy and Misty go in search of their Halloween costumes, but Misty finds more then a costume when she is helped by a little brown haired woman.

Halloween Angel by Tricia Ann Woods is an easy-to-read short story. If you fancy one with guardian angel and beautiful ending, this is the one for you.
I can relate to Misty being bookish and a plain Jane. Like her, I would rather curl up with a good book than hang out with friends or attend an office Halloween party. She dreads Halloween and the fuss that goes with it.

Something magical happens at the costume store when Tammy, Misty's good friend and colleague, goes shopping with Misty to get their costumes for the party. From there, things start to get better and more exciting. Some romantic truths are revealed, too, towards the end.

Apart from a few typos such as ‘than’ spelled as ‘then’ (that happened twice) and ‘your’ spelled as ‘you’, plus some annoying repetition of names in the dialogue, this is an enjoyable read.

Review by Tulip