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Monday, October 22, 2007

Review: Gunslingers & Ghostriders

Gunslingers & Ghostriders
by A.L. Debran

Gunslinger Matt Caddock is looking for the next place to sell his guns when blue-eyed widow Brenna GĂ©rard intervenes. With Brenna at his side, he can finally fulfill his promise to a dying friend and hang up his guns for the love of a good woman.

But the lure of hidden gold, another man’s greed, the threat of losing his soul to the ghostriders in payment for the violent life he’d led, and the presence of a wandering restless spirit complicate his plans. Time is running out and Matt faces the ultimate sacrifice for love: His soul for Brenna’s life.

Gunslingers & Ghostriders is a tale of love in the old west. Brenna has suffered loss, but a voice inside her head assures her another will come to take the empty place in her heart. It promises her, too, that she will recognize the newcomer when he arrives. She finds a handsome, muddy man in a creek whose horse has rolled over him, so she rescues him and takes him home. Will Matt Caddock be the one to fill her heart again? And will the myth she’s reading touch his life?

A.L. Debran writes a story rich with vivid details that bring mesas, cowboys and ranch living to life. Cowboys ride again in Gunslingers & Ghostriders, bringing the past galloping into the reader’s mind so clearly it feels like time has been turned backward. The characters are flawed, both having issues from their pasts that affect their current situation. But this is a story of love and redemption, told in a straightforward manner, so the reader is fairly sure of the outcome. I like the fact that the myth is brought into play in this. It underscores what’s actually happening and gives an added depth to the story. Gunslingers & Ghostriders is an entertaining story.

Review by Peony