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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Review: Fiona

by P. L. Parker

Love survives the ravages of time.'set against the backdrop of the Taklamakan Desert, Fiona, a beautiful, modern young woman of Celtic heritage, finds herself transported to ancient China during a time of barbarian warriors and marauding nomads from the northern steppes; at what was then a crossroad between East and West. Fiona discovers a new way of life in the arms of the handsome warrior, Kellach, a man of noble stature and a leader among the Celtic settlements ringing the great desert.

Desperate to return home to the present while struggling against her mounting feelings, Fiona finally accepts her fate, exulting in the rapture and delights of Kellach's love; only to have Voadicia, a beautiful seductress, destroy that dream of happiness. Kellach's soul searches the mists of time, yearning to be reunited with his one true mate.

Available in eBook format and Print.

From the dark, eerie prologue through to the very unexpected ending, "Fiona" by P.L. Parker is an engaging and eventful account of a life, and a timeless love.

With good luck symbols contrasting sharply with an understanding of subtle punishments; from the first, we recognize the deep, amazing attributes of the main character, Fiona. She seemsmost practical and matter of fact, even when fending off the matchmaking efforts of her determined mother. Many small details enhance the setting; the start offers us a Celtic festival, complete from the clogging competition to the real chicken pasties. The very realistic setting also sets the stage for that all-important relocation in time; It would be incorrect to label this work 'paranormal,' although one exceptional event does take place that enables Fiona to step out of one lifetime, and into another. That one event is presented very believably, and the next part of the story sets off with as much dislocation as one would expect a person to feel, if you woke in a place you did not expect.

Many aspects of life that are recounted in that long-ago time, in a distant land, are plausible and add a great deal to the course of the story. The quality of life, and the qualities of people themselves form something of a parallel - one cannot help but to compare life in the modern times to that of the past. We come to understand how important a sense of belonging is to a person, a sense of community.

The main character's determination plays a huge role here, as does her humor, and her judgment of other people. Jelousy, anger and evil are also revealed, in both worlds. The story has many unexpected elements, the storyline unconventional. One's emotions are engaged throughout.

This full length romance, "Fiona" by P.L. Parker is an interesting read that explores the human character as much as it explores love.

Review by Snapdragon