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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Review: Deadly Connection

Deadly Connection
by Cierra James

Jenna Masters is celebrating a rare night out with friends. A chance encounter on the dance floor with a ruggedly handsome man begins a reconnection to a past she thought was behind her. Unaware that she is about to be thrown into the center of a major business storm, Jenna finds the stranger irresistible with an unforgettable smile. As Cole Rawlins, owner of Rawlins Enterprise, and his insubordinate partner struggle over company interests, Cole is led down a path of perilous events making him the prime target. While his life and future are at stake he is unable to erase the memory of Jenna Masters. The woman he met on a dance floor in Phoenix. Jenna and Cole’s paths cross heightening a fiery passion. Will the brewing web of deception and attempts on their life melt their intense attraction, or strengthen a promising new love.

Cierra James contemporary romance should find itself on the 'thriller' shelves as well: this is an incredible page-turner. From paragraph one, the action is fastpaced, the mysterious events--like the the missing briefcase, intriguing. The dialogue is brisk and realistic. The setting was at no point intrusive, but provided some wonderful moments, within this story. Especially of note is the sleigh ride.

The main characters are immediately interesting; one for the intensity of his personality, and the other, for the fearful, guarded way she views the world. Jenna's perplexing decisions regarding old relationships only make the hints about her past all the more cryptic. Her escape - and the decisions that lead to her escape, are accompanied by delicately-conveyed emotional ups and downs. In the modern world, a romance is often made more complex by ex's, and here, the issues with, and even old loyalties to, the ex-wife and ex-husband are given realistic treatment. Issues of trust and betrayal also play an important role throughout. And its more than just love that provides a motive for sabatoge...

Deadly Connection is a work that blends elements of romance with a developing mystery. Even though action makes up the larger portion of this story, James manages to convey the emotions--and sometime, confusion of emotions, with great and convincing subtlety.

Review by Snapdragon