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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Review: The Comanchero’s Bride

The Comanchero’s Bride
by A.L. Debran

When former Texas Comanchero Mingo Valderas falls in love with eastern shipping heiress Elizabeth Bradford White, little does he know that murder and kidnapping are soon to follow. For Mingo, it seems an easy task to get his herd of longhorns to his hacienda in Mexico then prepare a home for his new bride, but Grayson Beal, a powerful and dangerous man, has other plans.

Faced with overwhelming obstacles, Mingo and Elizabeth draw from strength of spirit and sheer determination of will to overcome bitter heartache as they embark on a life-threatening journey toward their only chance at happiness together.

Elizabeth White is instantly attracted to handsome Domingo, a man she learns is a Comanchero, or outlaw. He asks her to dance, then they share a meal, and their relationship builds quickly. When Elizabeth agrees to become the outlaw’s wife, she gets much more than she bargains for. Texas Rangers, an inheritance and kidnapping all bring new challenges to the young couple’s lives. Will their love survive?

The Comanchero’s Wife is an interesting story, with a wonderful premise. The refined woman, out of her element, falls in love with a rogue. It’s a classic story that A.L. Debran gives an intriguing twist with the Spanish elements. They are, in fact, very well written. I enjoyed the snippets of Spanish dialogue and reference to customs and proverbs.

While I enjoyed the story, I felt it was rushed in spots. I would have liked a more gradual build-up of attraction between the hero and heroine. They fell right into each other’s arms and were completely enamored with each other from the very first pages. The author tells a good tale; I only wish it had been told more slowly, that’s all.

Overall, this is an entertaining story. The Comanchero’s Wife has an ending that warms the heart. I look forward to reading more from A.L. Debran.

Reviewed by Peony