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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Review: Adopting Alyssa

Adopting Alyssa
by Denise Patrick

When a tragic accident on the interstate leaves an orphaned 4-year-old in her charge, social worker Helen Carstairs is certain she's found the perfect couple to adopt her. Jason and Kelly Moore are a young couple in her congregation with a strong, steady faith. The only thing that would make life more perfect for Kelly would be a baby of her own, not an enchanting four-year-old with adorable green eyes and the brightest smile this side of heaven. God seems to have other ideas and soon Kelly finds herself wondering how she got along without the little bundle of energy. So, what are the odds that the bearer of so much joy would also be the catalyst that uncovers a secret Kelly thought long buried in her past? A secret which could undermine her faith and destroy her marriage, all in one fell swoop. But, as her world threatens to crumble around her, Kelly discovers the miracle of second chances and realizes God doesn't play the odds.

Adopting Alyssa is more of an inspirational story than a romantic one. It is serious but at the same time totally enjoyable. If you are looking for good Christian fiction, you cannot go wrong with what Ms. Patrick has to offer in this beautiful novella. The characters are believable and you will connect with them. I finished all 116 pages in one sitting loving Alyssa the cute four-year-old girl and her potential mommy and daddy who will be adopting her.

Dr. Jason Moore is a loving husband and godly one too. He is aware of Kelly’s unfortunate past and loves her nonetheless. Kelly is a blessed woman and she is totally in love with Jason. She had told him about her past BUT not in whole, considering the missing bit unimportant. It was omitted because she had wanted to move on and forget about a certain incident, not knowing that it will affect their lives later on. Both husband and wife want to start a family but to no avail. Then their lives cross path with Alyssa’s. The four-year-old bundle of energy turns Kelly’s world upside down and gives her a perspective she never thought she would have.

Just when you think that everything is going smoothly as the story unfolds, Ms. Patrick gives a new twist to the situation at hand. The story is not just about Alyssa, but also that of Kelly’s past. Will Kelly get a second chance to be a daughter? And a second chance to be a mother? After everything that has happened, a second chance to be a wife? Brace yourself for the ending, especially when Alyssa’s biological background is revealed.

The message is clear. Through it all, true love rules and God is able turn any situation around, even seemingly bleak ones. It may sound too good to be true, but when God is involved, nothing is impossible. The Master Weaver knows…He sees the final tapestry of our lives…Let Him weave the strands of His love around you…Adopting Alyssa has great plot (lots of believable twists and turns), great characters (both primary and supporting ones whom I can easily connect with), and easy-to-read style capable of bringing characters to life. In short, a great job for a novella. This story has inspired me to read more of By Grace Publishing’s offerings. I certainly look forward to more of Ms. Patrick’s work and will keep a keen lookout for it.

Review by Tulip