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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Review: Web Of Deceit

Web of Deceit
by Kim Watters

Faith Callahan’s life is falling apart. Her husband is missing and presumed dead, returning to her childhood home doesn’t promise the peace and tranquility she craves for herself and her son, and her father’s hardware store is on the brink of bankruptcy. To top it all off, someone is watching her, breaking into her home and work, and making threatening phone calls. The only person she can trust besides God to help her is the man who was both her and her late husband’s best friend—the three amigos in high school.

And then there were two. Or were there? Sheriff’s deputy Adam Quinn needs to find out if his friend is dead, or just gone into hiding waiting to make contact with his wife. In order to find out so Adam can bring the suspected gun smuggler to justice, he needs to get close to his best friend’s widow—the only woman he’s ever loved. The deception grates on Adam’s spiritualism and soul as his heart falls for Faith all over again, but he has a duty to uphold the law and protect the town’s citizens.

When Faith and Adam meet again, their friendship rekindles on a deeper, more emotional level. Will Faith allow Adam back into her life after her disastrous first marriage full of lies and deceit? Will Adam risk his career to win woman he loves? Will Faith and Adam put their complete trust in God and let him guide them through these dangerous times?

Wow! This book was awesome. It caught me from the first page and held my interest to the very end. Ms. Watters has written a story where the characters have been put through fire and come out shining.

Faith Callahan’s world is anything but perfect. With her husband presumed dead, she returns with her young son to her home town looking for a new start and hoping to escape the strange happenings she believes are linked to her husband’s disappearance. Doubt, fear and mystery surround her, shaking the foundation of her beliefs.

Enter Adam, the friend from long ago, who has agreed to keep tabs on Faith to see if her not-quite dead husband contacts her. Caught in a web of deceit, Adam tries to protect Faith while keeping his cover.

I loved, Loved, LOVED this story. Adam is a strong character whose faith has been challenged, stretched and refined. Despite the disappointments and pain he has faced, he keeps holding on to life, faith and love. His struggles were real and gripping. I loved seeing him wrestle internally with his frustration and limitations and yet choose to keep believing. What a beautiful testimony that is so real and moving, a life that’s ripped apart and forced to rebuild.

Faith is a strong woman who faces her fears head on. I loved seeing her rise to each occasion, refusing to cower in fear and trembling. Her faith is tested when she comes face to face with a mother’s deepest fears and she chooses to beat the evil that’s invading her life.

This story has it all; love, faith, adventure, mystery. There were moments where I found myself holding my breath and alternately biting my nails. This book is the perfect balance of romance and suspense. There were some interesting twists as well as an ending that’s both surprising and satisfying.

I’m giving this one a Five Book rating. This is one I would recommend to any of my friends. Ms. Watters certainly delivers and you won’t be disappointed.

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Reviewed by Shauna/Lily