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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Review: Standoff At the Waterin' Horse Saloon

Standoff At the Waterin' Horse Saloon
by Stacy Dawn

Bridget Schneider has a few things to say to the cowboy who stole her heart over a year ago and never came back. Sneaking into the Waterin’ Horse Saloon to confront him, the last thing she expects to find is Jonas Decker immersed in a bathtub in all his God-given glory. Her righteous indignation evaporates in the steam and heat of his naked chest and flirtatious smile—but she’s not about to let her anger be hog-tied by sudden...distractions. Jonas might’ve stolen her heart, but she’s sure as shootin’ gonna get her pride back.

Wow. This is such a cute, funny story. Stacy Dawn has managed to pack the pages full of action, humor and intensity. I found myself laughing out loud in the first paragraph and I didn’t stop until the very last word!

Bridgit Schneider figures she's been jilted, so she stomps into the saloon determined to give the no-account a piece of her mind. What follows are eight hilarious, action-packed pages that will completely enchant you. Although short and sweet, this story introduces two dynamic characters who draw you into the drama and into their lives. I found myself thinking of these characters long after the story was finished.

I’m giving it five books! Any story that can hook you in a few paragraphs, create friends within a few pages and leave its imprint on your mind after so short a time deserves the praise. This one does all that and more! I will be keeping my eyes open for more wonderful works by Ms. Dawn!


Reviewed by Lily.