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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Review: Someone To Share the Sunsets

Someone To Share The Sunsets
by Kathy Otten

On her way to Texas at the close of the Civil War, Allison Nordstrom stops at a farm to return to his only surviving brother, the personal effects of a prisoner she once nursed. But instead of a warm welcome, she is met by a drunken, embittered man with a loaded gun.

Someone to Share the Sunsets by Kathy Otten starts off with a bang, as our heroine Allison dodges a bullet. This short story is set following the American Civil war and offers many fine details, from clothing to lifestyles. The dialogue is strong, and engaging. There are wonderful and unexpected touches - like that volume of poetry by Shelley - that give a real sense of authenticity.

The action is very surprising, and unpredictable. This story is about grief and letting go, but it is also about the future, about hope, and about allowing memory of the good times to fill one's mind. This American historical offers us wonderful characters and a delightful window into the passed.

Review by Snapdragon