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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Review: Share The Darkness

Share The Darkness
By Jill Monroe

Hannah Garrett has always felt safe in the dark. It meant she never had to show people the truth. On the run from a man who wants to kill her, Hannah's learned to keep to herself and not get attached....
Until she meets Ward Coleman.

Being around her sexy coworker has awakened a need she'd forgotten — and it's not just this heat wave that has Hannah hot and bothered. But she can't afford to get too close, especially when she's not sure she can trust him.

What she doesn't know is that Ward is on to her and is determined to learn her secrets. And getting caught in a hot, dark elevator is the best place to find out all this undercover FBI agent needs to know.

Right away, I liked how Jill gets Ward all hot and bothered over an innocent ice cube. I enjoy stories that have alpha men turn into pretzels over a woman. And you can't get more alpha than an FBI man on the trail of a crook.

Hannah is a women you can come to care for, and certainly root for. She's had a rough life and an even tougher road to travel when she sticks up for the truth. I would hope that, should I ever be in her situation (and knock on wood I don't), I'd have the strength and courage to do what Hannah does and make the choices she makes.

It plays out perfectly so when it came time for the climax, the reader is ready to shout and cheer for Hannah when she gets her HEA with Ward.

Speaking about her choices, Hannah is running from a really scary creep who has help in getting back at her. I never suspected who the lackey was until Jill revealed all at the end. Oh, did I mention only one lackey? Ha! Jill played a masterful hand in weaving two suspenseful plots around our hero and heroine. It all works and it is exciting every step of the way.

I also have to mention that the title is directly linked to a secret Hannah has and one she has to learn to trust Ward with. That's another great thread throughout this romance: Trust -- how to earn it and how to give it. I have the feeling this relationship is going to last beyond the final line of the book which, I may add, is quite telling and simply beautiful. But you'll discover that once you read Share the Darkness.

Jill Monroe knows her way around an HEA. Read it and see for yourself.


Reviewed by: Xeranthemum

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