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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Review: Redemption of a Cavalier

Redemption of a Cavalier
by Kathy Otten

Trying to redeem himself for the death of his fiancee's brother, Wesley Cole has put himself in the front lines of every battle he's fought in the Civil War, until hours before his next major battle when he accidentally meets the one woman who's love and forgiveness can offer him peace.

Redemption of a Cavalier by Kathy Otten is an American historical - taking place during the Civil War. In fact, this short story drops the reader right into the heart of the action. The hero finds a long-remembered love, and an unexpected reception... but the possible fate of this couple cannot help but create an enormous amount of empathy in the reader.

I really enjoyed this tale, not in the least because of the fine (and accurate) historical details. Certain Confederate soldiers did indeed carry the super-accurate Whitworth rifle. Military action along the Ni River in May of 1864 is well-documented, and other, similar details throughout, are true to the time period. You don't need to be a Civil War buff to enjoy this story, but if you are, you will not be disappointed. For all that the action is military, this is a wonderful and heartfelt romance. It is beautifully written and all of the action is intriguing.


Review by Snapdragon