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Monday, September 17, 2007

Review: Never Naughty Enough

Never Naughty Enough
By Jill Monroe

She's the perfect executive assistant - or at least she was until she agreed to be put under hypnosis at a party. Overnight, the very proper Annabelle Scott turned into a terrible tease. Now she doesn't "do" typing or filing and spends most of her time wondering which of the naughty items in her wardrobe might do a good "job" - on her boss.

Wagner Achrom is a sexy workaholic who barely knows that she exists. But she plans to change all that when she lets down her hair and clues him in to the fact that, in future, the new "Belle" plans on leaving her most intimate things where they belong - off! After all, she's learned firsthand that you can never be naughty enough...

Annabelle Scott is a woman like many of us; likes a guy and doesn’t quite know how to get his attention.

Wagner is like the guy many of us drool over; smart, hunky but clueless.

Enter the plan, the mantra and the manipulations of Annabelle’s good friend Katie and the reader is off to enjoy how spontaneous hypnosis has far reaching effects on the two characters. I think all of us have fantasies we repress for fear of reprisal or rejection or we’re just plain uncomfortable with how it makes us feel. You know, like deep down maybe we’re, well, naughty? Jill has fun with that concept; what happens when we lose our inhibitions and follow our inclinations with gusto.

I have to warn you, once Annabelle lets loose, we get to read some HOT scenes as she gives ol’ Wagner a clue as to how she really feels. And I give Wagner some credit; he’s quick on the uptake.

As with all good romances, you have to get a feel for your heroine and hero; to care for them and to see them as people you can relate to. Jill accomplishes that by giving these two endearing and repressed individuals their family pasts to overcome. They both have succeeded. They can see it in each other but not in themselves, and isn’t that the hardest thing to do? To forgive ourselves?

If you enjoy passionate characters, explosive sensual encounters, sweet and tender moments sprinkled with humor and an HEA worth smiling over, then Never Naughty Enough has more than enough to deliver. In fact, I bet you'll crack up when you find out how Annabelle saves the day and what little blue magic she uses to do it.


Reviewed by: Xeranthemum

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