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Monday, September 24, 2007

Review: Love in the Fast Lane

Love In The Fast Lane
By Jenna McKnight

Scott Templeton lives for the adrenaline rush, but when the ghost of a legendary race car driver suddenly appears in the passenger seat next to him, it sends Scott literally into a tailspin. Now he can't convince the guy to head toward the light and stop haunting him, not until Scott promises to make a special delivery.

Maggie Cooper has a five–year plan that involves making executive VP with a corner office and a salary that will cause a grown man to weep. What it doesn't involve is a high–speed hotshot who claims her dead father sent him. She doesn't care how charming Scott is, or how he seems to devour her with his eyes, or even how her shotgun–toting grandmother is playing matchmaker. Maggie is determined to resist, but Scott is just as determined to convince her that loving him is worth the risk.

When you, the reader, first meet Scott, anticipate a fun ride alongside a man who comes face-to-face with the impossible and who eventually embraces the possibilities it presents him. I give him credit for holding out as long as he did. I am not sure how well I’d have done with a ghost harassing me all the time. Beware of fits of giggles as you watch Scott learn about nature – up close and personal. I think you’ll enjoy watching how Scott how grows as a character until he comes to the realization that racing isn’t everything when you have someone to love.

Maggie, the ghost’s daughter, is a trip. She loves her grandma and it’s her love and concern for said granny that sets Maggie up to meeting Scott. After awhile, I get the sense Maggie is sticking around not just for her granny’s benefit but her own. Maggie’s got a wicked sense of humor and her repartee with Scott livens up the scenes wherever they occur; the barn, the porch or the bedroom. Maggie’s character growth stems from her rediscovering who she is and realizing she’d lost her way but had never realized it -– until Scott drove up to deliver his precious Hemi motor, the one her dad haunted him into delivering.

If you enjoy humorous quips, a love story whose HEA is hampered by the ghost of the heroine’s Dad, a cheeky but loving grandmother, colorful secondary characters and a mysterious sighting of a pseudo-Elvis then Love in the Fast Lane will take you to the finish line of romance. This book gets my checkered flag of approval.

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Reviewed by: Xeranthemum