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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Review: Jake's Return

Jake's Return
by Liana Laverentz

The last person small town bad boy Jacob Donovan expects to find when he returns home in disgrace after serving time is Rebecca Reed, head librarian. Rebecca had always had much bigger ambitions. Jake hadn’t wanted to stand in her way, so after one night of passion with his former best friend, he’d hit the open road.

Rebecca refuses to believe Jake is guilty of murder. The boy who’d been her friend and protector when they were town outcasts together could never have killed a woman. Not to mention the tender, loving man who’d given her their daughter, Katie.

But who is Jake now? That’s what everyone wants to know, including the town council chairman, who is determined to send Jake back to prison, by any means available.

Jake’s been running from love for all of his life. Will he find the courage to defeat his demons and stay this time?

After being released from prison for murdering a woman, Jake Donovan returns to his hometown to fix up his property so he can sell it and leave forever. While there, he rediscovers Rebecca, an old friend with whom he had lost contact and whom he was certain would have left this small town to fulfill her dreams.

As they become reacquainted, many secrets from their pasts are revealed, including that Rebecca’s seven-year-old daughter is actually Jake’s child. Due to unfortunate circumstances in each of their earlier lives, neither of them is able to express their feelings for the other. However, as Jake is shunned by the residents of their town for the crime he was accused of, Rebecca stands up for him and helps him realize that he is worthy of being loved. Jake comes to realize that Rebecca has already provided him with the one thing he truly wants – a real family.

Though this is marketed as "spicy", there is really only one sex scene portrayed. However, the intense underlying sexual tension between the characters definitely adds to the spice value.

I loved the way the author developed the characters. I was able to look back into their pasts and I felt their joy and pain as if I was actually the one experiencing it. The reasons they behaved the way they did toward each other were clearly delineated. The storyline was also great. It included background stories on other characters so as not to focus completely on the two main characters.

I highly recommend Jake’s Return to anyone who is looking for a suspenseful book which also includes several surprises. I had a hard time making myself stop reading. It is definitely a worthwhile and pleasurable read.


Review by Sweet Pea.