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Monday, September 3, 2007

Review: The Importance of Almack's

The Importance of Almack's
by Denise Patrick

Banished and disowned for saving a stranger’s life…

In Regency England, lineage and vouchers to Almack’s are everything, but Pamela Clarkdale has neither. After her father casts her out, she considers herself fortunate to have obtained a position as a companion to an elderly widow.

Kitt Covington has sworn off Almack’s and marriage. Why attend one when he has no interest in the other? Guilt, however, is a powerful motivator. Knowing he caused Pamela to be thrown out of her home, he proposes a sham betrothal between them to ease his conscience.

Kitt’s offer is tempting and Pamela agrees, with the caveat that the betrothal will disappear at the end of the season. But not only is Pamela refused vouchers to Almack’s, her family is scheming to destroy her to protect a secret she doesn’t realize she knows. When the twenty-year-old web of lies and deceit begins to unravel, will Pamela and Kitt discover that Almack’s isn’t really that important after all?

I only recently discovered the charm of Regency romances, and when this one came along, I snatched it up as quickly as I could. I’m glad I did.

This story was an enjoyable read. The heroine is likeable, well developed and easy to sympathize with. She had me rooting for her from page one. The hero...well...the heroes are the whole reason we read romance, aren’t they? This dreamy hero did not disappoint. I stayed up well past my bedtime trying to finish The Importance of Almack’s, knowing everything would turn out right, but anxious anyway. I had to see the two main characters get their act together. This incredibly charming story would be appropriate for regency fans of most ages.

Reviewed by Violet.