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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Review: Dragon's Mate

Dragon’s Mate
by Beth Caudill

Lady Karee Wilmore is about to be married, to a prince no less. Yet she is unhappy; all her life she has dreamed of being a dragon's mate. She is resigned to her match with Prince Marcus until circumstances land her kidnapped by an Air Dragon. Will all her dreams come true on the cusp of her wedding?

Dragon’s Mate is a pure, sweet romance with a nice touch of fantasy.

Karee, our heroine, is definitely both a dreamer and a realist. She knows her duty and her heart, yet accepts that the two cannot both be appeased. As in real life, it comes down to choices. What’s nice about this story is that it presents that some choices are no-brainers. That it’s all a matter of recognizing opportunity when it knocks.

Or, in her case, when opportunity drops from the sky.

Our briefly met, but handsome hero, Bavol, is someone I would have liked to have known more about. He’s decisive, devious, cunning and has Karee in his sights. I liked that he is dominant but Karee isn’t dominated.

Beth has created a world in which I feel I’ve only been given a glimpse. It’s a world of dragons and kingdoms with intriguing customs. Here and there, some of the dialogue was a bit more contemporary than I’d like, but by no means does it detract from the story or romance.

I agree with her dedication. There aren’t enough romance stories about dragons. I would add that there aren't enough dragon stories that celebrate the romance, as Dragon’s Mate does and not all the angst and rigmarole that can surround and cloud the goal; that being the uncluttered acceptance of love and happiness.

Point of fact, should Beth ever write another (hopefully longer!) story set in this same kingdom, consider me standing in line with great anticipation.


Reviewed by: Xeranthemum