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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Review: Cupid on a Mission

Cupid on a Mission
By: Laura Hamby

Cupid’s on a mission to Chadwick, Kansas to reunite a couple separated by their past. Cupid, being Cupid, can’t help himself or limit himself to his assignment. When another unlikely pair come into Cupid’s sights, the god of love winds up with more than he bargained. Are there enough M & M’s in the world to satisfy Cupid’s love of the candy while he completes his mission to help Nathaniel and Gail overcome the hurts of the past and rediscover love is still there? Are Cupid’s arrows potent enough to encourage Rick to find that true love, Coralie, lives across the street?

Cupid on a Mission is a light-hearted look at new loves and old disappointments. When Cupid receives an assignment to help one couple find their destiny as soul mates he’s given the leeway to select another couple to nudge along the path towards true love. This is the story of those two couples, Rick and Coralie and Nathaniel and Gail, all of whom have been let down in the past by failed love and are reluctant to take a chance on letting new romance into their lives.

This is a refreshingly honest look at the perils of love in the modern world. Foregoing flowers, fluttering hearts and fancy words in favor of realistic characters and situations, Laura Hamby gives a new perspective on the quest for love. She doesn’t discount the old baggage and uncertainty that often accompanies lovers. Instead, she pulls those issues into the plot and deals effectively with them. I loved the M&M eating Cupid, with his unbridled glee at the lovers’ progress. This book is well written and entertaining. I can easily recommend it.


Reviewer: Peony