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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Review: One Night In Boston

By guest reviewer: Nancy Lindley-Gauthier

One Night In Boston
by Allie Boniface

Can anything really change in 24 hours? Can everything?

Maggie Doyle is about to lose her home, her business, and her last grip on sanity unless she comes up with fifteen thousand dollars to pay off the bank. Her only option? Forget the pain of one life-altering night, find the stepbrother she hasn’t spoken to in years and ask him for help.

Everything in Jack Major’s life is going according to plan. He’s rich, powerful, and about to marry Boston’s most successful attorney. There’s just one problem: he can’t seem to forget his first love, the one who left him in college after a whirlwind trip to Vegas with a secret she couldn’t trust him to keep.

When Maggie and Jack meet up at a high-profile charity ball, past collides with present and the sparks fly. But is it too late for a first love to ignite again? And if Maggie reveals the reason she left Jack all those years ago, will he be able to forgive her?

A single night in Boston takes Maggie and Jack from the glittering lights of the ballroom to the windswept city streets and back through the years to relive old memories. Will morning light bring new hope for their future together? Or are some secrets too deep to ever truly overcome?
One Night in Boston drops the reader right in at the deep end; the countdown to foreclosure, the pounding emotions, the desperate effort to find some plan to cope. Maggie Doyle is at once a character readers can identify with and a person one is forced to admire for her coping skills. Boniface has a delicate touch, her flashbacks are smooth, clarify the tale, but do not slow the pace. Her word choice and comparisons are lovely, when, for example, she tells us about a relationship from the past: "how she missed the two of them together, that rhythm of a relationship, a simple waltz of days..."

The dilemma of Maggie's life drives the story forward, the sweetness of a loving relationship seems a distant backdrop- remembered, regretted, no longer possible. Emotions zoom between panic and that haunting, never-eased sadness and on to... but that would be telling. Maggie is not the only character thoroughly explored, and her dilemma is soon a secondary concern to the main intrigue of this work. This very contemporary romance is both engaging and interesting.

Although not generally mentioned in a review, I have to mention the exceptional design of the cover jacket of this book. Kudos to this book jacket designer - it has a lot of appeal, lends an idea of the story setting, and even somehow captures the mood. This work is very well done, overall.