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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Review: A Night of NovelTea

By guest reviewer Nancy A. Lindley-Gauthier

A Night of NovelTea
By Cindy K. Green

Juliet Truesdale believes life is passing her by as she runs her parents bookstore/tea shop until the day a handsome, mysterious stranger enters the shop, steals her heart and turns her life upside down, throwing her into a mix of dangerous yet comical situations she never could have contemplated.

(26 pages) Sweet
This is a clever and quick-paced short romance. The opening introduces a contemporary and very believable bookstore operator, named Juliet, who is in turmoil over her career choice and what her future ought to be.

The abrupt appearance of just the distinguished sort of gentleman that this bookstore Juliet dreams of seems hopeful- right up until he behaves just as we dream the handsome admirer will! This is more alarming than hopeful for Juliet, whose emotions run between fear to hope to challenging herself to tackle the mystery of this man who reads Jane Austen. This is a reader's story - references to authors and indeed some noted characters are nice touches for this bookstore-based and deceptive story.

Events are unexpected, characters unpredictable in this fun and speedy tale. The author brings us from hope to despair to terror, almost within the space of one sentence. Green makes us believe that a 'normal everyday woman Can rise to the occasion and behave like a pro...' facing adversaries with the best of them. Empathy for the main character's dilemma is paramount throughout. Questions like, can you judge a person's character by their literary interests? intersect with the challenging puzzle of just what is going on.

"A Night of NovelTea" is a unusual romance and a deceptively believable read, bounding, as it does, from farce to to fun.