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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Review: Model in Flight

Model in Flight
by Ann Patrick

He’s a search and rescue helicopter pilot, she’s a high-fashion model. He thinks she’s a stuck-up woman who won’t give him the time of day. She’s sure he’s the hell-raiser her parents always warned her of. Against her better judgment, she is tempted by this man…very tempted. He feels the temptation too, and more. Then the helicopter goes down, crashing their world around them in a struggle for survival.
Whew! This book steams with attraction between the main characters. There is a connection between Willow and Taj that is irresistible and undeniable. Throughout this story, the couple is faced with opposition that keeps them apart and builds the tension and desire.

Willow cannot understand her attraction to Taj. He is the type of man her parents would never approve of and, after the humiliation he puts her through, she is shocked by his bold advances. Despite her determination to reject him, she is drawn to him by a force more powerful than her fears. Taj is determined to fight his desire for the model and sets out to prove she is like every other spoiled rich girl.

But many surprises are in store, surprises that draw the two closer together and begin to tear down the walls between them.

This is a powerful story of love, attraction and the struggle between expectations and following one’s heart. I loved watching Willow try to fight the bond between her and Taj. The heartbreak is so real and compelling that you feel their sorrows and aching right to your toes. Taj’s fierce assault on Willow’s senses is moving, passionate and bold. It stirs your heart and leaves you hoping, dreaming and, at times, slightly bothered.

The ending to this story was both genuine and satisfying. Not all of the conflict was resolved and wrapped up in a nice, neat package. It gives a sense of reality to the story and doesn’t trivialize the struggles and sacrifices of the characters.

Ann Patrick doesn’t just write a story, she opens the door to an adventure, with characters that will capture your heart and imagination. This is one journey I would encourage readers to take.

Reviewed by Lily.