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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Review: Where One Road Leads

By guest reviewer Nancy A. Lindley-Gauthier

Where one Road Leads
by Ceri Hebert

Krista knew that coming home would be the hardest thing she’d ever done, but she never imagined she’d find forgiveness, love and someone who’s out to kill her.

Krista Faye has decided it’s time to put her dark past behind her and face her personal demons in her hometown. Matt Burgess isn’t ready to have her back, especially when he finds out that they’re going to have more to do with each other than he cares for.

There’s someone, though, who wants Krista gone even more than Matt, and the two are forced to work together to find out who so Krista can make her dream come true. Along the way, Matt discovers a woman with passion, confidence and unyielding determination. Krista finds a man who is able to put aside everything he’s believed for fifteen years and look beyond the scars the past left behind into a heart that is at last ready for love.
This contemporary, realistic portrayal of a Boston photojournalist in the midst of changing her life is a powerful, riveting tale. We see both interesting and developing friendships in sharp contrast to self-reliance. Companionship - even in the shape of a particularly sterling character of a dog, plays a vital role. However, it is events, or more precisely, one event, that shapes this tale.

The repercussions of one historic event in the life of Krista seem long past; an echoing sorrow, no more. The details of the life of this photojournalist for a big newspaper provide a realistic backdrop for the main character. The sorrow explains some of her particular motivations. We meet her at an abrupt juncture with her past - the good, the not-so-good, and the worst, are all re-introduced into her current life, largely because of a family death. And though her aims in her return to her tiny hometown are selfless, she finds she must struggle as she re-examines a past she has tried to put behind her, and re-evaluate a relationship with a man she dared have no hopes about.

This moving story is driven by powerful events and even more powerful characters. This is small town life under a microscope, revealing the impact of memory and the driving power of blame, guilt, and revenge. Starting over for Krista Faye is not going to be simple...or easy. This is an unpredicatable but heartwarming intrigue that allows love to shine. Where one Road Leads, by Ceri Hebert is a compelling read.